Wario is an iFunny account first joining in 2011 under the name king_weegee. At the time he really didn't post or use the app much until he made a post about iFunnyChef, DavidChef at the time, which got him banned. He later rejoined with a new name Troller_Wario in 2012 and started to post a lot more and was a Nintendo theme account that would of course troll people, but Troller_Wario would barely do anything until 2015. This is the year Wario regrets the most. He changed his name to troller_squid and became a Splatoon themed account. He would have some trouble with his actual friends which wouldn't resolve until recently because of this Wario would threaten to hack and ban accounts that where Splatoon accounts, blaming them for his troubles. This however ended very quickly with only successful ban. Not to much happened with the account until the middle of 2016. Wario was hacked and banned for his first time by an unknown person. He was quickly un-banned with little to no one noticing. Sadly, Wario was tormented by hacking group know as F.A.T. after hacking a ton of undertale and ddlg accounts. This group would constantly hack Wario and the account Eusine which had no connections. Wario eventually stopped the group after they banned his account for the second time. As of recently though Wario would most be inactive from working on projects, hanging out with friends, and working on Pokemon Smile, an iFunny Theme rom hack. Wario is having thought of leaving soon to move on to different platforms.

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