Troller_wario ,now know as Wario, is an iFunny account ran by a man named Samuel. It is in the more of shit side of comedy. The account includes one feature and Seven hundred subscribes. The user has a disliking for people who post epic memes. 


Samuel Cosentini started an account named king_weegee in 2012, but the account was later banned in early 2013 for posting a hate post against Chef. Sam later rejoined as troller_wario in late 2013. Trolling furries, weeaboos, people with weird fetishes, and bronies because of his disliking towards them. (He later added Freddy faggots, Splatfags, and undercancers to his trolling list and then stop trolling all together.) The account went very quiet until very late 2014 he announced that he will be moving to a new account named troller_squid. He decided to do this because of his friend Zach making the account _Flying_ which was a splatton account. (This is the account is his most recent active account.) The early days of account consisted of more trolling comments and a new splatoon miiverse theme. He later renamed his account to troller_wario_the_inkling and adapted a Wario and splatoon theme. He left for a while because of a personal issue. When he returned he went in to a complete shit storm with Zenererbus. He later admitted one hundred perecent of this was for publicity. The argument finished with the both of them subbing to each other. Sam's account turned into a shitposting account, but all that changed February of 2016. The account renamed it self to 7GrandDad and post Grand Dad content. This gave him a two hundred sub boost. When the meme died he changed his name and lost some subs. The last important thing that happened to him was being featured in July of the same year.


  1. Wario has tried to leave two times
  2. The account was ran by two people
  3. He was part of a failed trolling group

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