The Third and a Half Reich is an IFunny group, however it's unique as they do their "meetings" on kik, they are notorious for organising raids on ddlg, furry, and legitimately harmful groups, practices, and ifunny accounts, however they defend NORMAL people and accounts and stop accounts from getting banned because some closed minded idiots are offended at comedy. There are almost always around 30 members of The Third and a Half Reich. The leader and founder of the group is the ifunnyer GrandpaJoe (alt account GrandpaJoeFetish) other of the most active members were MrGoldencock, ricksannch, Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Depressionsimulator (formerly known as TheDemonMemer) Erwin_rommel_ and parappatheraper. Nowadays, Erwin is solidified as a grand retardo meme for pulling multiple fake bleach drinking encounters, and exposing his address and the fact that he has autism. Parrapa, depression, and others are inactive. Current active members are OneOfTh3m, .hammythehamster., gopnikkk, red nigga turtle, Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, iFIreland, and coughing_. .hammythehamster., aka Hannah, was temporarily banned for multiple accounts of severe autism, arguing, and being a general annoying gaywad. He has since been re-invited. The group continues to raid to this day.

Complete list of current members: AnneFrankThePrequel AnneFrankTheSequel ripstick01 Corrupted_Shadow ni***r569 gaurdianDown cuucckk Mr.StealYoMemes gopnikkk coughing_ columbinethesequel MrChris01020 XxsyfurxX hitlerisallah SolidRommel iFIreland tico_123 revive_ Mega_Faggot_Man ParappaIsInYourClose faggotrymilk proudbritfag MoistRag SirXeno72 IndustrialistIncarna OneOfTh3m ALEXXIS_3663 keiayrienn KammandantJKirstein .hammythehamster.

this is an fairly outdated wiki, if anyone who can and will update it to the present it would be greatly approcated