The Great Anti Civil War was an autistic dispute between TheHolyLand, TheHappyPlace, and a third party Known as KeemForNeturality. Nobody truly knows exactly when, how, and why the war started, but, nonetheless, it was one of the most brutal wars ever fought in Anti history, and the repercussions of this war are still being felt today.

The Formation of KeemForNeutrality

Not much is known about the war before KeemForNeutrality was formed, other than the war was taking countless lives of Antis. Soon, members of the iFunnyDefenseForce decided to form a small group known as KeemForNeutrality. At first, they created propaganda promoting peace between the two warring factions, but soon, they decided that the only way to win the war was to make both sides collapse in on themselves. KeemForNeutrality went from a peaceful protest group to a militant group within a night, and proceeded to fight battles against both TheHolyLand and TheHappyPlace. They were led by a man known as Mr_Pancakes.

The Battle of Memesburg

The Battle of Memesburg was the most important battle in the Civil War, as it was also the last one that was fought. TheHolyLand was being weakened by TheHappyPlace forces, and was being surrounded in Memesburg. Soon, TheHolyLand decided to use whatever remaining forces he had to fend of the invaders, and defend Memesburg. The battle lasted 6 weeks. Soon, KeemForNeutrality gained a massive following, and enough members to counter-attack Memesburg. Soon, the battle went from fighting for Memesburg, to simply fighting to destroy enemy forces. On the 6th week, on the final day of the war, one of TheHolyLand's soldiers leaked crucial information on TheHappyPlace, forcing him to go into exile for a little while. TheHolyLand collapsed in on itself due to people believing that what the guy did, was in fact, a "dick move". Soon, KeemForNeutrality became the only faction left standing, being declared the victors of the Civil War that they didn't even start.

The Aftermath, and the beginning of the Chargez War

Right after the Civil War ended, there was a week or two of peace, with KeemForNeutrality forces and other Antis forming groups like SADCO. But the peace was not to last, as TheHolyLand went from becoming an Anti to a weeaboo degenerate. Other popular Antis followed suite, like IJZSI and Man_In_Charge, and became furries. Man_In_Charge and suicidepotato, who were already "best friends", decided to form a union against Antis, using the Moderate Antis as an army to fight for them. That was when the Chargez War began.

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