The Chargez War started sometime on May 2017, when many former Antis turned into Weeaboos and Furries, such as TheHolyLand, IJZSI and Man_In_Charge (Now Chargez). Due to all three of them having a massive amount of subscribers, they had a sufficient amount of soldiers to fight for them on the frontlines. Due to the betrayal of IJZSI, The Anti-Furry Movement basically collapsed in on itself, only to reform about an hour after it's collapse. After it reformed, they declared war on the furries and fought against them

The Stalemate of May 19th

The Stalemate of May 19th was a day where almost no conflict occured between the AFM and the Furries. Basically, everybody decided to chill out for a while, until AFM General wyler_ exposed some random guy by finding his Facebook, which for some reason pissed off Chargez, ending the Stalemate and starting up the war again.

The Battle over a Facebook Account

A user named Takedown2005 went onto one of wyler_'s posts and insulted him, causing wyler_ to go to his account and reveal his Facebook account (which was linked to his iFunny account in the first place). This pissed off Chargez for some reason, and Chargez started to act like a baby. So, the Battle over a Facebook Account began. It lasted for 3 hours until most of the people got bored and decided to go do something else.

The Ransacking of wyler_

A few furries, led by Chargez decided to go fuck around on wyler_'s account. They were extremely disorganized and really didn't accomplish much, as most of them gave up in the first 4 minutes. The only remaining soldier left that is still fucking around on his account is Chargez.<u><u>"IJZSI Returns"IJZSI came back one day in May, revealing he was never actually a furry.


The War has never officially ended, but a ceasefire has occured between the two factions.

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