General Information

TheSlobGorges (No relation to the Real Slob who's videos are now unavailable :( just a fan who named his ifunny account after him) Is a ifunny user who has an account the the website. Joined in the year 2015 With the name Boys_on_the_hood, king_rogen & sweetpeaches69. He is the funniest ifunny account and is not a fucking repost account.


One of the most funniest people on ifunny. this user has got atlest 2000000000000 features and it the coolest ever. He has created accounts where he posts sexual images while people with hitler accounts get mad and ban raid his account only to be baited and trolled! The user TheSlobGorges is also the best troller evar!!!!!!

Fun Facts

TheSlobGorges is good friends with LordB8r

LordB8r gave TheSlobGorges his account once

TheSlobGorges hates people who smoke weed

TheSlobGorges is not a repost account

TheSlobGorges will have over 2000000 subs before the year 2018

TheSlobGorges has had over 100 girlfriends just in 2017 alone

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