TheCleansingPurge is an account dedicated to the banning of all non-humorous accounts, to include nsfw, DD/LG, AB/DL, CG/L, MD/LB, fandoms, furries, and aesthetics. It is co-owned by Boogaslurp (now known as Elygos) and GodOfDeathLordSatan. Rest In Peace. TheCleansingPurge was created in early summer of 2016 when several users became frustrated with the amount of non-humorous posts "clogging" the collective section of the app. GodOfDeathLordSatan, formerly known as The_Denior, got fed up with the app "turning into Tumblr's toilet", changed his name, and began an all-out war to trigger anyone he didn't think posted any attempts at humor. He has since been blocked by over 50 accounts.In mid-summer 2016, TCP teamed up with the Skeleton Legion (SL) In late summer 2016, TheCleansingPurge teamed up with TheNewLeadership to help "Cleanse iFunny." Together, along with GodOfDeathLordSatan, they have made 210 bans as of 9/3/2016.

{{Account|title = TNL|Name = TheNewLeadership|Goal = Same as TCP, to "Cleanse iFunny."|About = TNL is co-owned by Leaders Capo and Rob. They work with "TCP" to cleanse iFunny of cancer and while on their own infiltrate kink chats. Enemies = Anyone who doesn't make attempts at humorous content.|Notable Members = TheLastSavage (Capo), Bigreddog207 (Rob), Uziy (Rose and Froggo), yudothis2me_, Tyrone, Basically Hitler, ILuvMaiWaifu, YoloDragonn, Skullcupofglory