General Information

He is a caption account based upon the "Spongebob Squarepants" TV show, which he parodies using funny stories he creates using screenshots from the show. He used to post 3 times a day, with the occasional fan-fiction type short story. While the short stories still come around sometimes, he now posts one panel-long story each day to help cut down on the amount of screenshots he uses


SpingeBillStories first joined iFunny on 11/13/13 using a now unknown account. He used it mostly as a repub account, while also making the occasional meme. He went on like this until he got bored with it and decided to delete it. It wasn't until months later he decided to download it again, only to realize it had been taken down from the AppStore (as it did once or twice). Once it came back up, he made a new account by the name of "jiminywinkle". He used this account, once again, as a repub account.

Eventually he stumbles upon the popular captioning WumboDumbo account and immediately becomes a huge fan. It wasn't until Wumbo was eventually banned that he decided to create his own captioning account. On 3/25/15 he renamed his account to SpingeBillStories (as "SpongeBobStories" was taken) and proceeded to create captions like his hero did.

(Info comes from personal questions asked through Kik)

Trivial Information

  • He celebrated his 1 year anniversary as SpingeBillStories on 3/25/16
  • He was one of the founding members of "TheLast5", which was a joint account between him, KrustyKomical, iSpongebobCaptions, EugeneKrabsComics, and SpongebobRustler. It was dedicated to bringing together some of the most active captioning accounts on iFunny at the time (as it was wavering after Wumbo's disappearance). It last posted on 6/4/15, with 2 of the founding members banned.
  • He has personally owned 4 accounts, including SpingeBillStoriesV2 and SpingeBill_Art_Corner (which he uses to post Photoshop content he makes in his freetime).
  • (From comments/personal posts) He is named Stephen and is currently enrolled in an Illinois high school.
  • Each of his main profiles uses a Spongebob edit of Green Day's ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, and ¡TRE! album covers as their profile picture.

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