Yeee boi

General Information

He is one of the most well-known GHIF/GTA users but at the same time not very popular. He is affiliated with GTA (Grand Theft Auto) (Current), GHIF (Gear Heads of iFunny) (Current) and TF (Transformers) (Formally). He posts Gifs, Comics, GTA, and frequently DLC ideas for multiple game titles. He hit 1k subs on 2/1/15 just about a week and a half later than his profiles one year anniversary. There has been much demand for a face reveal from him, but he denies every request. He has had lots of hate due to the fact that he was against offensives in the early days of his profile. Now he is a proud offensive supporter. he claims "Offensives seem to only post the funny content anymore, I mean not like 9/11 jokes but the cringe about people on Tumblr, etc" Observation from his audience claims that him and Negropolitan are good profile friends. Apparently Negropolitan's nickname for him is Fukboi. Skysder approves of this name.


His first post was posted on 1/19/14, a video about funny moments in GTA Online. One of his first series of posts were comics showing the evolution of vehicles from past GTA games and GTAV. A bit later he posted a bunch of GTA gifs, getting over 50-60 likes each, he continued this routine. He then posted vehicle classes and then GTA to Real Life counterparts. He has started the evolution series back up as well as made a 20-part mini-series showing GTA vehicles to real life counterparts.

Trivial Information

On 5/17/15 he posted a picture of one of his model cars, claiming that first 20 who repubed got into the model tourney.

On 5/16/15 he posted a comic exposing a GHIF member who was lying about everything he said.

On 3/7/15 he posted a comic about the ways of life featuring Trevor from GTAV.

On 1/19/16, throughout his subscriber community, a big event know as the 'Downfall of Skysder' took place. He lost a total of 22 subscribers in one day. This was a terrible time for him as no one was commenting, liking or republishing his posts.

On 6/30/16, Skysder gained a total of coincedentally 22 subscribers in one day after announcing he will start posting GTA content once again.

On 7/3/16, Skysder officially revealed what he looked like, it literally gathered no attention.