A group of people that wear a black shirt that says I hate fucking niggers on it.

Trevor is a beaner who fucks dogs and little girls, and enjoys undetale.

Lamar is boi if youn getcho

Suffaru is a beepbepebpboiynextdoor

Joe is hooked on the brothers

spicie is a secret bneaner who works for dominoes pizza

veto get on discord now please were bored

joreell is bad

hey guys i would really appreciate if u repubbed your waifus thanks guys means a lot than

ethan is watch me whip now watch me minectraf


Spicie circa 2003

EJwVzMsNwyAMANBdGAADsfhkG0QQIQoxwu6p6u5tb- 03uq1brWrU2TyDnB0LrQOzUIrt6obUbtrnp11oQFZJJdz1EcYnEcXbYjJm2Qxog3gkjE2YHIG07b96KGPf3PNpj5fwAkhzQ
Screenshot 148

big niggas

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