General Information

Rufioh is a neutral account that runs iFunny News, a seriers of posts that talk about currect events on iFunny, and hosts intense tourneys called Rufioh Brawls. The account started late Feburary, but the owners dates the posting of the first ever iFunny News post as the offical day the account was up and running.


Rufioh's first "offcial" posts was on June 7, 2015 when he posted the first ever iFunny News. It's stop stories were a profile stealing posts from popular user YaBoyBobSwaget, and the face reveal of another profile named Bully. YaBoyBobSwaget took a interest in the profile and helped Rufioh grow to 100 subs. From there, Rufioh took on senstive topics and gave the people answers until he grew to what he is today. From tackling the Summer War of the Offensives, to letting everyone know the Reign of Shady was upon us, his already short history is legendary.


  • Rufioh has been known to use a certain picture to a extend. One of the most icon pictures from Rufioh is the dubbed, Rock Hard guy. The picture is from a parody comic of Steven universe and shows a man who is in mid orgasm proclaiming that he is "Rock Hard." Though the pic doesn't get as spammed as it does when Rufioh was first starting out, you can see him make appearances at the end panel of most of the iFunny News segments
  • Ever since Rufioh hit 100 subs he has continued doing a tourney he dubbed "The Rufioh Brawl." The name was changed to "Rufioh Brawls" and was sticked. Rufioh Brawls are hosted everytime a milestone for Rufioh has been meet. Every brawl ends with one final match, one Boss match, and one Rufioh Brawl where the winner faces Rufioh himself. Here are all the winners of the Rufioh Brawls so far:
    • Rufioh Brawl 1 (100): DankJoker
    • Rufioh Brawl 2 (300): DankJoker
    • Rufioh Brawl 3 (500): Analucifer
    • Rufioh Brawl 4 (1,500): Analucier
  • Rufioh made a comic series revolved around wacky adventures starring Recall, Kluxx, and Rufioh. It was a parody of sitcoms and was made by Rufioh in the hopes of filling in the lack of News Content he had for a breif time. The comic series ended at Episode Five when News Stories started to spring back and there was no need for the comic series. Rufioh has stated that he will never go back to making them again and will continue finding news ways of making content.
  • Ever since his start, Rufioh has been many friends that have helped him grow to what he is now. They're mainly offensives/neutrals that took a interest in his profile:
    • YaBoyBobSwaget
    • Recall
    • Kluxx
    • TheJigglypuff
    • Shady
    • Bros
    • Jesus_Cat
    • Analucifer