Rightists are on the opposite of Leftists on the Political Affiliation spectrum. One of the largest organizations in iFunny is the CU group, Conservatives United, which has nearly 2,000+ active profiles and growing. Other Rightist groups are Nationalists, Capitalists, Libertarians, Fascists, and Traditionalists.

Many right-wing accounts are christian, but not all conservatives are religious and not all religious people are right wing.


Notable Users

  • CU_TaylorBank - One of the oldest and most subscribed to Right-wing profiles on iFunny
  • Trump_General Is a verified conservative profile


Rightists are ridiculed a lot for their beliefs. The same insults flung at conservatives elsewhere are often applied to rightists on iFunny, including claims of racism, stupidity, homophobia, and any bad trait that is associated with the south or rural populations.

Conservative profiles are often ridiculed as stupid or uninformed, however there are many intelligent people in the right wing. Both sides of the political spectrum have intelligent people and both have idiots.