Joined            Fall 2016
​User Type      ​Original Content, Some reposts
​Country          ​North America

General Information

Purrfect is a small user with 20 subscribers as of 6/15/17. They are seeking fame, and have a subscriber goal of 100.


Purrfect first started as tuxedocat607, and was just reposts with a few pictures of her tuxedo cat. Her username changed to cat_vomit, but her content remained the same.

In May 2017 she came back from hiatus and changed her name to Twigpaw, a reference to the popular Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Her account was still just reposts, but with a Warriors theme.

In mid-June, popular iFunny user cronc reposted one of her photos, a distorted version of cronc's profile picture. This is when her popularity started rising. She later posted a photo with the iFunny watermark, that was about stealing memes. This image gained a good amount of popularity, and started her account up.

On June 15th, 2017, she posted a picture stating she would post nudes of her cats if she reached 10 subscribers. She later posted a picture of her staple tuxedo cat with a bra on his back. The same day, she promised she would grab a cactus if she reached 50 subs. On another photo, the cactus she would grab was voted for. She later posted a video of her grabbing all 3 cacti without getting 50 subscribers. She is still picking prickles out of her hand as you read this.

Trivial Information

  • Her black tuxedo cat is named Gus, and her gray tuxedo cat is named Frank.
  • She believes her cats are in a gay relationship.
  • Frank is a polydactyl cat, meaning he has an extra toe on each foot.

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