Joined            ​Spring 2014
​User Type      ​Original Content
​Country          ​North America

General Information

User PlatinumBlonde is an original content creator within the app iFunny with hopes of someday achieving stardom amongst the community and becoming an achomplished meme creator. PlatinumBlonde has yet to be featured.


PlatinumBlonde first started out as Meatitarian on a different account in Spring of 2014 and orginally uploaded images making fun of vegans and vegitarians. Moving on from that, he later became Funniest_Politics in hopes of attracting more attention by posting humorous, non-biased political photos.

However, PlatinumBlonde would gain his first recognition when he switched over to becoming an offensive under the name of RedFormanvsEmo, pulling inspiration from accounts like ShrekvsEmo, in 2015 thus gaining him his first 100 subscribers. After being banned at 182 subscribers in the first wave of the Banocaust, he created the account that would eventually become PlatinumBlonde under the name RedFormanvsEmoV2. Success came soon after that when RedFormanvsEmoV2 uploaded a wildly successful post about the Leela Alicorn inncident gaining 5k likes and 600 subscribers in just under one day. After one week, RedFormanvsEmoV2 had gained over 900 subscribers from the post and soon achieved 1k with his newfound popularity in the offensive community, eventually becoming the #1 VsEmo account.

After a year of hiatus, RedFormanvsEmoV2 made a sudden comeback in 2016. Having lost 300 subscribers he began to remodify his account into PlatinumBlondeBitch. An ironically Frozen themed account based off of male degredation and the female "Thot" prespective. After no progress with his posts, PlatinumBlondeBitch decided to upload original content and found some degree of success. Later, he decided to become PlatinumBlonde as a way of simplifying his name and conforming with the archetype of popular user's names.

Trivial Information

  • The idea for "PlatinumBlondeBitch" came from a real life person that the account owner knew.

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