The Beginning


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Planner_Alex was born in the suburbs of Georgia, and he grew up a simple life. 


Controversy with Planner Alex started with his "comprehensive list of games I hate". The list consisted of almost every popular game franchise, along with many fan-favorite games, such as: "Super Smash Bros. Melee", "Final Fantasy", "Half Life", "Skyrim", "Phoenix Wright", "Team Fortress 2", and many more. The reason as to why this list was so controversial was because people can't stand when something they enjoy isn't universally liked, other people commented that there was no reason for hating these games, but since it was simply a list it wasn't supposed to in the first place. Another controversial event to occur on his account was when he had an issue with his aunt's untrained dogs, and stated that they were so annoying he wanted to punt one across the room. Naturally eager iFunniers quickly began to dig this old info up and stretch the statement to say "all dogs should be abused" in order to target more hate his way. One of the major factors contributing to the controversy surrounding him is that no one actually attempts any sort of reasoning or actual conversation and quickly stoop to spamming memes, insults, or just general stupidity.

Current day

Alex spends his time relaxing and commenting on things he doesn't like, which for some reason drives people to constantly make posts and rant about him in equal manner.

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