Nebula first came about on iFunny, pretty much knowing what to expect...shortly thereafter became a Five Nights at Freddy's account (Nebula_Hypernova_FNaF) on November 14 2014 he was logged out of his account, and he could remember the password, BUT  he also never confirmed the e-mail, so he tried all he could, but it was muda (useless) so he made a new account (Nebula_Hypernova_FNaF_V2) and for quite some time, eventually he left during his prime in mid-early-ish 2015, take a big step into December of 2015 or January 2016, he became Flowey_the_Faggot (i never posts anything truly Undertale related) then he left and because Nebula_Hypernova again twords the end of his summer 2016 brake and has since stayed...

Backups and Alt-Accounts

Nebula is the owner of all these accounts:

•Nebula_Hypernova_FNaF (logged out indefinitely)








If there were an infinite character limit, he'd be known as: Nebula_Vega_Hypernova

Nebula is an alter ego/OC so nobody knows the real him

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