Kekked is a user on IFunny that posts offensive memes similar to other users like LordB8r. Kekked joined IFunny after being told about it by a friend. He went from a shitty meme poster to getting banned and making another account.

Kekked was banned by the IFunny user known as Gucci after Gucci threatened to ban him when he tried Ban raiding a Diaper Fetish themed account. Kekked didn't take it down and replied with, "Do it Nigger"

Kekked's Original name was DieNigger. After being banned HD made a V2, then eventually changed it to Kekked.


*War against DDLG

*Invasion of Brazil

*Defending the holy tags against RWBY


  • kekked joined September of 2016
  • Banned once.
  • Name used to be DieNigger

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