General Information

KEBAB_REMOVER is a neutral-offensive cringe account on iFunny. What sets him apart from others is his lack of updates on his personal life, and his ongoing goal to ensure that his identity remains a mystery. All we know is that he's a guy.


KEBAB_REMOVER started his account in late 2014, after being influenced by his brother and friends. His original name was "Hornelius69", a nickname given to him in school due to his ability to make terrible, but clever, sex jokes. At first, he was a repub account, but when he gained his first sub (a fandom account), he started posting neutral material. By posting neutral content, he reached about 50 subs, but then stopped growing after that. He realized that he needed to change, and that offensive humor would be a quick way to grow his account. In early 2015, he changed his account's name to KEBAB_REMOVER and began posting offensive content, and a lot of "Remove Kebab" memes. He eventually lost his initial fandom account following due to his now offensive nature, but quickly made up for it by sky-rocketing into the hundreds, and eventually thousands of subs. Between 900 and 1,000 subscribers, KEBAB_REMOVER's offensive nature began to slow down, and a more neutral attitude took over. Eventually, the offensive posts began to stop, and he finally started posting cringe, which he continues to do today.

Trivial Information

Due to KEBAB_REMOVER's lack of updates, only about 6 people on iFunny know KEBAB_REMOVER's true personality. However, from what we can gather from his posts, he has a cynical and rather dark sense of humor.

Outside of iFunny, KEBAB_REMOVER plays on Steam and PS4. Although his Steam name is the same as his iFunny name, no one knows his PS4 name. He mostly likes to play with IRL friends, and with a select few from iFunny, such as A10_Thunderbolt_PWLA and IvanCringes.