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The ifunny history of this user

Table of contents:

  • The begining
  • The crusade
  • The fandoms
  • The adult
  • Name history and previous accounts

The begining:

This user joined iFunny in September of 2012, when he was 16 years old. He began as a "normie" with the username "usernamewasalreadytaken". With that very unoriginal name he simply browsed memes at lunch during school. shortly after joining, an event occured that vetrans know as the "fappening" and normies know as the iFunny shutdown. during this time there was an uncontrolable amount of porn on the app that forced ifunny off the app store. At the time, this user became fed up with the porn and left iFunny, only to rejoin a couple years later.

The crusade:

in 2014, "usernamewasalreadytaken" rejoined iFunny as "us3rnamewasalreadytaken" as he lost the login to his original account. During the first few months of his return, this user began a solo crusade to rid the remnants of the porn. Not being very active, he faded into obscurity once more.

The fandoms:

Towards the end of 2014, us3rnamewasalreadytaken began to gain interests in seeing anime and video games on iFunny. Shortly thereafter, he changed his name to BlackSt33lGajeel, the name being inspired from a character of Fairytail. This is when he began to gain traction and grow his subscriber count. After about a year of being a Fairytail themed account and gaining nearly 400 subscribers, he gave up on iFunny once more as he felt there was not much left to accomplish. In early 2015, he was semi active in liking and commenting on others posts but slowly losing subscribers due to lack of posting. This continued until January of 2016, when he decided to start fresh on a new account. This time it was a RWBY account, known as Jaune_of_Arkos . This account is still running today, and has surpassed 500 subscribers and is nearly at 600.

The adult:

AS he grew older, Jaune_of_Arkos began to make friends with all kinds of different users, from fandomers to offensives and normies. He played a key role in the alliance of CATT and the #RWBY tag, as well as the CATT/RWBY/$WA alliance and is now back to his roots of crusading, but with much more help and success this time around.

Name history and previous accounts:

  • usernamewasalreadytaken
  • us3rnamewasalreadytaken
  • BlackSt33lGajeel
  • Jaune_of_Arkos

Alternate accounts (most were abandoned shortly after creation)

  1. TeamValorUnite
  2. TobyHorhorta
  3. DemonSlayerGray
  4. DemonKingMardGeer

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