General Information

IndyPrez is an avid iPol user who hates political parties. He once ran for President as an Independent in the 2016 iElections race, but unfortunately, intense drama and internal strife prevented him from ending the campaign on top. A supporter of Bernie Sanders, he identifies himself as a Democratic Socialist. His favorite leftists include Eugene Debs, George Orwell, and Martin Luther King Jr. He is 15 years old, and has been using iFunny since the ripe age of 13.


Once a political centrist, IndyPrez has shifted over time to his support of Socialism. He backed Bernie Sanders in June of 2016, around the same time he began using iFunny.

Content and Personality

IndyPrez is easygoing and amiable. His posts include numerous GIFs professing political opinions, excerpts from various political writings, the occasionally essay, and screenshots fellow ifunnier comments.

The Meme War

Under Construction

Enemies and Allies

Indy is engaged in ongoing feuds with popular iPol isers ProudDemocrat and NewYorkDemocrat, primarily arising from their support for Hillary Clinton over the Great B Sanders. He contends that they are simply corporate shills. However, IndyPrez has many friends across the leftist community, including GeorgeOrwell, EuegeneVDebs, ProgressivePancakes, Warmind, iNewDeal, and many others. He's also fostered a friendship with Pink_Ninja_Ccatty, who served on his cabinet as the science advisor during his bid for iElections president.

Response to Wikia

IndyPrez has promised shillings "so hard" for whomever would create him a wikia page. Also, ITS YA BOY HUEY BACK AT IT WITH ANOTHER MINECRAFT COMMENTARY, BE SURE TO CARESS THAT MFN LIKE BUTTON.

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