This is a comprehensive list of slang terms often used on iFunny. Feel free to add more if some are missing. The terms do not have to be exclusive to iFunny.

List of slang
  • Newfag
    • A user that is new to the app. Often used to refer to users without custom profile images and banners.
  • Offensive
    • A post or comment that is shocking or controversial. Also used to refer to a group of users who post offensive and controversial content. (See: Offensives )
  • Shitpost
    • A worthless, low-effort post. These kinds of posts are often posted ironically by members of the app's ironic meme community
  • Sub-whore
    • A user who commonly attempts to gain subscribers through "sub deals", such as profile rates and fan signs.
  • Triggered
    • to be offended, often used sarcastically by Offensives
  • Weeaboo
    • A person who is obsessed with anime and spams collective with images, often fanart, of their favorite anime material
  • Furfag
    • A derogatory term used to refer to Furries, usually used by Offensives
  • Tourney
    • A contest often held by a large user in which said user's followers compete to see who is the most popular
  • Face Reveal
    • A post containing the real-life face of a user, typically posted after a subscriber/repub milestone is reached
  • v2
    • A suffix added to the end of an account username indicating that it is the successor to a previous (often banned) account (Ex. ColawsV2)
  • Dickrider
    • A user who defends another user tooth and nail and agrees with nearly everything a they do and say, all while praising said user
  • Ban Raid
    • a phenomenon on iFunny in which a large number of accounts, often led by one popular account, attempt to get a common enemy banned by exploiting the automated report-and-ban system
  • Doggo/shoob
    • another term for dog, often used in dog-related meme images
  • Faggot
    • A stupid, unlikable user

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