General Information

iDamn is a user on iFunny who created his first account during winter of 2014. He is currently on his second account.

Although iDamn changes his profile picture regularly, he usually prefers to represent himself as a guest from Roller Coaster Tycoon (see infobox), plus some other miscellaneous characters.

Account Content

iDamn's account may fall under the "neutral" or "dank memer" account categories, as majority of his content consists of a large variety of memes, from ironic memes to Instagram videos, to Black Twitter memes, or "ghetto memes", all while rarely taking part in raids or app wars, save for certain rare instances.


  • iDamn has never been banned despite owning multiple accounts.
  • His first profile, Its_Ya_Boi_Ren, was abandoned in summer of 2015. The profile went under some previous usernames as well, such as Ya_Boi_Spy and Ya_Boi_Engineer. When the account was still active, the iDamn account was planned as an alt account and was simply named Ya_Boi_SpyV2.

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