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Hilloli Clitton, the mascot of the Hillolis.

Hilloli is a character created by the depraved and soulless artist "Shadman", who is a renowned pedophile and hentai artist. That being said, it's no surprise that his fans are equally as inhuman and disgusting.

"Hilloli" number one was a typical anime/gore account or, simply put, a loser. He later exited the "ring" of Hillolis and gave the name to another Hilolli, who posted mediocre content and, as to be expected, was a closeted pedophile and dedicated himself to spamming comment sections with poorly structured bait that caught the attention of popular iReligious officials such as JimmyLeNegroid(deceased) and Boson.

Other notable "Hillolis" include an anime account who is known within the anime community for being, as to be expected, a depraved sociopath with pedophilic tendencies. Often quoted by popular user "Nexus" he has admitted to being an incestous sexual deviant with severe hebophilic characteristics on platforms such as Kik and Discord.

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