EdgyArchive (EA) is an account dedicated to hosting all gore/offensive content that can be found on iFunny. The group was started by UnlistedOffensiveNigga, a gore account - Initially it was a gore edit competition, involving several big names such as CoolSwiperPro and ShrekHatesNiggers.

The Competition

All participants in the competition were drafted into a kik chat, where they were given 48 hours to create a gore edit. Later, voting was had, and the consensus ruled the CoolSwiper Pro had won the competition. Technically, SoEdgy had received the most votes, but it was later proved to be repeat voters.

The GoreCore

Later, the competitors realized that pretty much every iFunny Gore editor was gathered in one central chat. We realized this and quickly banded together in one central profile: EdgyArchive. EA for short, the profile was decked out with art provided by HyperB8 and a lifetime iFunny Pro subscription. A short intro or a watermark on a gore edit denotes a member of EA.


We don't know what will become of EA. So far, we have expanded by taking in 5 more well known Gore editors. Hopefully EA will gain notoriety throughout iFunny, and become the superpower it was always meant to be.


(Note: EA has no ranking system, all are equals. Δεν γεννήθηκε κανένα θάνατο)

  • UnlistedOffensiveNigga
  • CoolSwiper Pro
  • ShrekHatesNiggers
  • Cheeki_Breeki/ Underwhelm
  • Socio/ Sociopaths/ Yung Socio
  • HyperB8
  • Jeffar
  • CosmicCumRag
  • Reichs
  • Bibbleism/ TheHolyBibble
  • SoEdgy
  • JeffDaFag
  • GruStars
  • Kuffar/ CringeCreations
  • PassTheBleachPlease

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