General Information

DogeVsEmos was an account that specialized in "banraiding" accounts. He usually went after smaller accounts that posted clop, yiff, hentai, loli, depression, or just fandom stuff that he didnt like. He was banned time and time again. By the time he had finally left he was on V9. Though many(his dickriders) thought he was a saint, many were pretty sure he was just a newfag. Near the end of his reign, he started banning accounts that simply disagreed with him, the most infamous one being the banning of Scrublord, a popular user who had been shitposting about him. After that many banded together in an effort to ban DogeVsEmos, and it was successful. His current location is classified by a select few offensives. The only thing that they can provide is that now he is just a dark humor offensive. (UPDATE: now back as DogeVsFaggots)


Trivial Information

  • Coming from sources, he was a 16 year old kid who lived in a modular home somewhere in California.
  • Many think that BanHammerWizard and DogeVsEmos were one and the same person.

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