The Doges are profiles on ifunny based off the popular meme, Doge, dating back to 2012. The Doges have no specific goals on ifunny and have no specific leader(s) to report to. Doges overall can range between fandom accounts, newfags, offensives, and many other comedic groups within the app however it is more common to see them associated with the offensive community. The Doge community has been rumored to have died off during 2014 yet their presence since then has greatly increased since the coming of DogeVsEmos who, within his short life, was able to increase the amount of active Doge members and in turn convert them over to the offensive community. Since the era of DogevsEmo, the Doge presence on the app is more common and is on par with its popularity that sparked back in 2012. More diverse than ever it is rare to find Doge accounts associated with groups other than offensives and due to this it isn't impossible to see Doges arguing amongst each other. Many people find themselves in a state of confusion once confronted with these engagements however they fail to understand that without clear guidance or leadership Doges within the app are able to jump between groups freely however are still subject to offensive retaliation from their fellow comrades.

The rising attacks on Doge accounts from those associated with offensives can still be traced to the actions of DogevsEmo. To this day the Doges who have followed under his guidance see the need to convert Doge over to Offensiveness and since then Doges are commonly associated with the group and on uncommon occasions seen as newfags depending on what they post.


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