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General Information

DeweyHatesFandoms is an 'offensive' account on a comedy app 'iFunny'. His profile is based of a character named Dewey from the popular early 2000s show "Malcolm in the Middle" and his hate for fandoms (hence the 'HatesFandoms' part of his username) He has 1k+ subscribers and one feature from 2013. His profile picture consists of Dewey's head on his favorite meme "It's Wednesday My Dudes." Dewey posts usually offensive things which trigger a lot of other users on the app (typically fandoms.) He photoshops things on his profile pic every month, season, and holiday. His favorite show is Malcolm in the Middle which people like to call an 'anime'


Dewey joined iFunny around 2012 but with a different username.

Trivial Information

Dewey likes to be called 'Dad' or 'Daddy'

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