General Information

Detroids is a growing shitpost page with more than 2k subscribers. Detroids has no set themes besides shitposting, spamposting, b8ing, and gifposting. Detroids has also started and popularized the "egg" meme, with it spreading all the way to tumblr, a social media which this user does not even have.


Detroids started his first ifunny account on May 24th, 2016 where he uploaded comics that he made in Adobe photoshop. He gained about 12 subscribers on this account before coming across VSauce edit memes in July, ditching the old account, and creating a new account called VsauceEdits which is now named "slicker". This account was much more popular, climaxing at almost 50 subscribers before he ditched this account as well to create a new account on August 4th, 2016, where he posted memes giving animals silly names. This account was named "TheAnimalKingDank" and on his first day using this account, he gained 16 subscribers. This was enough for him to decide that this would be his official account.

A week later he left his theme to post regular memes which he made in the app "Sketchbook" because he did not yet realize that all of the "dank memes" were made with twitter. He continued this theme for about a month, all of his likes coming from the accounts Views and Stop, when he begged for repubs from them. Detroids finally reached 100 subs in September and continued to grow.

Come December, Detroids started becoming more and more of an known name throughout the ifunny community. People made posts about him, popular accounts subbed to him, people gave him shoutouts, he even had his own fan account.

Then one day in December, he decided to do rates to help him gain subs. Unbeknownst to him, this would be a major turning point for his account. During this event, he met an account by the name Shelldor, now named opinion, which would be his first exposure to shitpost.

One day in late January of 2017, the account Thrummy (now Jerking) and the account Averie (now MOLLY), who once despised each other, decided to make amends. Detroids made a post about this event which blew up, gaining almost 300 comments instantly. This was a major event for Detroids because accounts he has never even had contact with before started recognizing him.

When SandpaperCondoms quit, Detroids came across a post by the account Zank_Zemes which addressed this topic. Detroids subbed to Zank_Zemes and according to various accounts, Zank_Zemes is reported to be Detroids favorite account on ifunny.

March 2017, a big month for Detroids. Detroids had a post get 2,000 repubs for the first time, he joined EDMRELOADED records, and he hit 1,000 subscribers. This was a big event because at the start of the day that he hit 1k, he had 889 subscribers, and ended the day with 1,016 subscribers.

In may of 2017 Detroids got his first feature, reaching 80,000 likes and not even a week later, got his second feature, reaching 130,000 likes.

Detroids has since continued to grow. But one day in early June of 2017, Detroids got banned, where he lived in his alt, Beptroids. Beptroids gained almost 200 subscribers that day. The next day, Detroids was unbanned, with the help of Jerking, an account with 109,000 subscribers.

Detroids has now grown a lot since the conception of his account, and he hopes to embark on even more adventures with his subscribers.

Trivia Information

  • Detroids is a BOY
  • His least favorite thing in the world is minions
  • His biggest influences have been Opinion, Jerking, and Zank_Zemes
  • He makes EDM music and you can check it out on his soundcloud @lilpump

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