General Information

Colaws is a user on the app who first started using iFunny in 2012. Once accounts and profiles were added to the app, he posted relentlessly in hopes of getting featured, but to no avail. He was eventually banned for posting a picture of "Titler", and stopped using the app for a year.


Upon his return, he recreated his account from scratch, naming himself "ColawsV2" and stopped giving a shit about being featured. He added his trademark profile picture that is a photo-shopped image of himself with a horrendously muscular body, Y2K sunglasses, a "Scumbag Steve" hat, a bow-tie, and a background representing hell.

Trivial Information

His profile consists of Offensive, cringe, or edgy humor for the most part, with any other posts being random in value. He does not post often, but makes up for it by republishing posts that make him laugh. He is best known for his comments on others' posts, which are usually roasts, satirical, or b8.

Recurring Traits

  • Arguing with gaytheists
  • Actually being funny most of the time
  • Annoying Con
  • LOVING cock
  • Being honest
  • Originality when actually putting in effort

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