Cheesecake Squad is a group designed to clean up collective under the radar of mods founded in March of 2017, in response to the fall of $WÅ. After 2 days of activity in the beginning, the Cheesecake Squad (then known as the EAC) fell apart and was not heard from again until June 17th of 2017 when the creator Detroids founded it again. With a brand new cabinet, the Cheesecake Squad lead its first successful raid on June 19th-20th, gaining ownership of the Spongebob tag and the Spongemock tag. It has 3 factions, all with their own leaders. The executive faction, lead by president Detroids, which creates laws and decided when raids begin. The Intel faction, lead by HolyEgg, mostly composed of smaller accounts, which finds things to raid and determines which would be the best way to raid. And the defense faction, lead by Fatass, mostly made up of bigger accounts, gets people to join in on raids.


The Cheesecake Squad is still a relatively new organization and has 25 members in government and an estimated 50 members in the Cheesecake Army, with top 2 raid MVPs Zytrom and Spicy_Cheddar. It currently has temporary ownership of the Spongebob tag and permanent ownership of the Spongemock tag. It is lead by Detroids with Vice President Americandadfuntimefunny14 and hopes to grow more after its first successful tag raid.

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