An organized event, usually called by a user in response to something someone did that angered them, in which a large number of people go to the target's profile and spam the report button. These actions are often done against rule breaking profiles and profiles that are widely considered a nuisance. Although sometimes ban-raids can be called for small/non significant reasons, although these raids are usually unsuccessful.  

The effectivity of Ban Raids

Nowadays, many consider ban raids in general to be pointless. This is thought due to the ability for users to create an unlimited amount of alternative accounts, and sock puppet accounts. So usually, when a large user is ban raided, or is otherwise banned, they will often return on a new account, typically under their old username, but with a "V2" (Version two) added at the end.

Well-known Ban Raids

  • CringeVinesV2 on SilverSporks (unsuccessful)
  • DogeVsEmo on an estimated 200 profiles in one day
  • 7/24/15 Fandom vs Offensive Banraids, estimated over 100 profiles from both sides were banned.
  • lorgPsiionic, SarlCagan, TheMapleLeafBeaverBall, and others on the entire CU after BelliferousBoghit, a notable member of the AU quit because of christian bots. (unsuccessful)
  • The Great Tag War on DDLG: An ongoing, 2 month old campaign against the DDLG fetish on iFunny. Initially started by SandpaperCondomsV3, it is the longest documented raid to ever happen on the app.

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