General Information

Aprons can be described as a shitposter who has a strange fetish for aprons of all things. Generally posts about whatever he's currently interested in, with anime and video games being consistently what he enjoys.


Aprons was once a generic anime account, growing his subs and posting meaningless trash content. At some point, he changed and started to post comics and half decent content. He has since gone through many different phases, his content changing along with how he acted. At the time of writing, his posts can range from ranting through gifs to edits to pictures of anime women that should probably get him banned.

He has never been banned in his nearly 2 years on the app and has gained a sub count of around 800.


  • Has a friend who is gay for him, much to his displeasure.
  • Probably has a form of Tourette's and seems to love saying "Fuck" over anything else.
  • Most likely a narcissist because he wrote an entire fucking wiki page for himself out of boredom.
  • Love your friends.

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