About Analucifer

Analucifer Is a neutral/offensive account with 100,000+ subscribers that used to be owned by it's original creator and owner Devin A.K.A, The user Anal. Today, the account is run by it's current owner, Sonny, a close friend of Devin's.

About the owners


Devin was the original creator and owner of the account. He used to run a vine account with around 30,000 followers until the app had been shut down. He's an editor who mainly just enjoys entertaining his fanbase the best he can. Today, Devin is the more valued over the current owner of the account and has been told multiple times to take the account back or terminate it, which he does not plan on doing. Today, Devin runs the account Analucifer_IG and runs the Instagram account @analucifer.ig.


Sonny is the current owner of the account. He was given the account late 2016 when the original owner, Devin, could not run it anymore due to personal business. There are mixed opinions about Sonny due to some of the content he posts or how he behaves. Many users value the original owner over Sonny because majority of users think Sonny is more of "The opposite of devin" behavior-wise. Sonny is a much loved member of iFunny, and has done an alright job at keeping Devin's legacy alive.


Date joined: October 23, 2013

Date of Account transfer: October 13. 2016

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