About Anal

A Neutral/Post-Offensive type account. Anal A.K.A, "Devin" was the original creator and owner of the account Analucifer. Anal was a moderator for a short time, but his powers were quickly taken away when Fun Corp. took ownership of iFunny. Anal had 23,000 subscribers before being device banned and IP banned by the user Tazandra for "Being the cause" of User BoopMySnoot's public facebook being leaked all over iFunny. It was proven Anal had nothing to do with information being released, but supposedly the ban was for Owning the complete dox of Users Weest and BoopMySnoot. Today, He admins the account "Analucifer_IG" On iFunny and his fastly growing instagram account @analucifer.ig.

Quick Facts

  • Account created - February 2016
  • Account banned - March 2017
  • Mod from June 2016 - September 2016

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