General Information

americandadfuntimefunny14, commonly referred to as simply ADFTF14 or ADFTF, is a partial shitposting account where random google images tower over the posts here. This account had originally posted solely American Dad and Family Guy posts, taking part in the infamous B emoji 'joke'. If it wasn't obvious this account gets its name from the television show, 'American Dad!'.

ADFTF has been playing with hot water recently, reposting many of the old posts that got his old iFunny accounts banned. It would not be a surprise if he got banned again.


Unsurprisingly, this account was spawned in retaliation to the infamous familyguyfuntimefunny11 account, where ADFTF posted many images of American Dad! characters harming Family Guy characters, particularly Stan Smith harming Peter Griffin, the most notable example of this is his post in which Peter and Stan are at an airport, Peter is wearing a turban and is holding a can labeled "bom", Stan takes action upon this and shoots Peter in the knee, this post was captioned with "Caution isn't racism".

It was not long until ADFTF11 was banned, supposedly for posting a "penis slap picture/video". Soon enough, ADFTF12 was created and was banned even faster for the same reason. Of course, naturally, ADFTF13 was conjured up and was also banned. ADFTF14 has yet to be banned but it does currently have some questionable posts, so it would not be a surprise if ADFTF15 is soon to come.

As this account slowly evolved, so did its posts, instead of posting American Dad! and Family Guy memes, the account now posts Sonic the Hedgehog memes (particularly making fun of the poor graphics of Sonic's early 3D games) and burger time shitposts, however, ADFTF doesn't have a clear theme going and seems to post whatever comes to mind.

AmericandadFTF has recently coined the phrase "i like gusher" which seems to have no clear meaning, one post, however, shows Sonic the Hedgehog standing in place with a speech bubble above him saying "i like gusher" with a picture of a box of fruit gushers as well. Other commonly used terms consist of "nikka" and "ninja" which seemingly substitute for the racially derogatory term for colored people.

ADFTF has yet to reveal his face but he has quite recently stated that his name is 'Aaron' (however this could simply be a joke on the substitute teacher video).

There is still not much known about ADFTF and his account hasn't been around long enough to give all too much information about the poster. He appears to be friendly with the familyguyfuntimefunny11 account. It is actually speculated that FamilyGuyFTF and AmericanDadFTF are the same person, this has been denied by ADFTF however it's not known for sure. As of June 2017, his account seems to be stuck at about just over 250 subscribers gaining subs and losing subs each day. He has also been stated to own an account that posts original memes although this account has seemingly not been revealed.

Trivia Information

  • His favorite Spongebob episode is Krab Borg
  • His greatest accomplishment in life is randomly encountering Byran Cranston (Walter White in the show Breaking Bad) at a baseball game.
  • He has been banned a total of 3 times (all for the same reason)
  • Some notable quotes of his are:

"Goodnight vros!"

"i like gusher"

"OUCH! You freakin' shot me!"

"america time"


"god I fucking hate *insert racist or derogitory term"

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