$WÅ 2.0 is a reboot of $WÅ. It was created by old $WÅ members, and now focuses on Internet operations and Constitutional protection.


Old $WÅ, a group of users led by and revived by SandPaperCondoms (2015-2016), was a group of shitposters and offensives who wanted their blessed comedy app free of cancer. After SandPaperCondoms resigned, He gave control of $WÅ to Lordb8r (2016-2017), Lordb8r was testing the mods and admins of ifunny. They banned him twice after a successful raid of the RWBY tag (anime tag) and the Stuffed tag (a pregnancy kink recently raided by pinK ganG). Then b8r was unbanned and gave up do to the drama. But he gave swa to Internal Pilgrim, who than set forth the $WÅ Kik Divisions. After that, IP couldn't take the pressure of leading a clan so he passed everything down to ATGB. The group has since taken over the tags #DDLG, #roleplay, and #rp, as well as DDOSing the Brazil servers in January of 2017. Thus brings us to $WÅ 2.0 was officially created on April 21, 2017 following the failure of The Manhattan Project. It was created with the intention of not only ridding iFunny of cancer, but also take down criminals on the Internet. It was created with the help of MemeDragon (ironically, a verified user), who helped connect $WÅ with the mods and admins of iFunny.


Only the members of the Official $WÅ discord are actual members. They classify into High Council, Generals, Commanders, Feel Team Six, Diplomats, Negociators, Reporters, Chat Moderators, Spammers, Recruiters, and Shitposters.

There are also different divisions, which include Cyber Command, Intelligence Command, Propaganda Specialists, as well as platform squadrons.

There is no sole leader like the old $WÅ. Instead, there's a High Council of five members. To be in the High Council, you must be hand-picked by another Council member.

iFunny Team Involvement

Originally, $WÅ 2.0 was working with the iFunny Team to take down pedophilia-based accounts, as well as possibly directly report them to the FBI. However, the deal was broken by MemeDragon, and the iFunny Team is no longer affiliated with $WÅ 2.0.


After quite a bit of revision, $WÅ 2.0 accepted those who aren't completely cancerous, and is now currently recruiting openly. To join, the rule is to ask someone in $WÅ 2.0's Discord for the link. You'll join, and immediately get tested by the High Council to see what you're good at. You'll then get ranked. If you don't have a skill, you'll just be a Shitposter. As of July 2017, the main goal of $WÅ 2.0 is to not rid iFunny of cancer (mostly due to the fact that many believe that there's no hope left for the app in the eyes of many users), but rather be an underground, yet highly advanced Internet raid group.

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